NE Ohio's Business As Usual: 1899 Indoor Golf

1899 Indoor Golf

Brian Lindenbaum, owner of 1899 Indoor Golf, saw a need for local golf enthusiasts to keep their swings sharp during winter months. Originally from New York, Lindenbaum would attend an indoor golf facility in Manhattan. So, when he visited his wife's family in Alliance, Ohio, he was surprised to find the closest indoor golf facility to be in Cleveland.

The facility in Manhattan had a lot to offer, so Lindenbaum decided to open an indoor golf facility with an upscale feel closer to his wife's family. 1899 Indoor Golf opened in the fall of 2018 after Lindenbaum and his business partner, John-Michael Speelman, collaborated on a concept. 1899 Indoor Golf is not a sports bar or driving range; rather, it is an 1899 concept, including lively music with a casual vibe.

"It's an actual experience. A cool place where people can hang out and work on their swing," Lindenbaum said.

Focusing on meeting the need for safety

They did not want to force business during the beginning of the pandemic, so they re-opened in October and put safety protocols in place.

"We wanted to provide a safe and comfortable place for our customers," Lindenbaum said.

By focusing on the safety and meeting the needs of customers, 1899 Indoor Golf has been doing well over these past months.

Evolving during difficult times

"Entrepreneurialism can have its highs and lows, which is why it takes a positive attitude and creative thinking," Lindenbaum remarked. "You have to consistently keep up on trends and what's happening within society to evolve with the times."

There is another location for 1899 Indoor Golf, and that is in Twingsburg. During the lockdown, they were planning on an outdoor patio, which opened during Father's Day weekend of 2020. Because of the patio, the second location did not need a second shut down; so, 1899 Indoor Golf was able to generate revenue and keep staff employed for this location.

The Canton location did have to shut down after the lockdown. But the company was prepared because they had enough funds set aside for emergencies. This is where smart decision-making comes into play.

"We were very strategic with our business investments and pricing structure," Lindenbaum commented.

Some businesses are afraid to charge the actual value for products and services. But, Lindenbaum said how you really should believe in your business and price appropriately. This way, there is enough revenue coming in to make those smart business decisions.

"You can't just wait to evolve. Smart decision-making needs to happen now."