The Art of Odor Control: Eliminating Unwanted Smells

The Art of Odor Control: Eliminating Unwanted Smells

Have you ever returned to the office after a restful weekend and been hit with an unfortunate stench that won’t go away? In many workplaces there will occasionally be unpleasant scents lingering around. Odors are inevitable when many people are in one place, especially when food and drinks are around. You can do several things to ensure scents don't develop but, if the odor is already present, experiment with various techniques to improve your office's fragrance.

Identify the source of the odor.

The first step is to identify what is causing the odors in your office. Certain sources of this issue include inadequate ventilation, neglecting filter and ductwork cleaning, and leaving food out. Inspect the workplace for any possible sources of odors and ask employees if they know of specific places where there are unpleasant smells. You might want to consider conducting walkthroughs at different times of the day to identify whether odors become more pronounced during specific periods.

Remove the source.

There are short-term and long-term solutions to fixing the problem. Your first focus should be to get your workplace smelling better immediately. If your office has windows, start by opening them to let in some fresh air, and then you can use air fresheners to enhance the environment.

Consider the battery-operated Oxygen Pro Dispenser as an excellent option for swiftly refreshing your office environment.

Focus on long-term solutions

  • Install air purifiers- Air purifiers eliminate germs, viruses, and odor-causing chemicals from the air. Commercial-grade versions can be installed in strategic workplace locations to improve air quality throughout the office. Choosing units with HEPA filters and antibacterial treatments is a good idea.
  • Change company policies- Your company rules may need to be modified to aid with odor issues. Consider adding specific wording to your dress code and hygiene policy prohibiting strong perfumes, colognes, and lotions. Mandating that all food be kept in designated kitchen areas and be sealed or covered when stored is another way to eliminate odors at their source.
  • Improve cleaning routines- Odors may be significantly reduced by implementing regular and thorough cleaning and building maintenance programs. Consult your janitorial team or a third-party cleaning service on best practices and products. Schedule professional cleanings of vents, ducts, carpets, and furniture periodically.
  • Encourage cleanliness- Promote good personal hygiene habits with employees by providing hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes and other tools. Ask staff to routinely tidy up clutter and wipe down their workstations to prevent odors.

Product recommendations

M. Conley offers many products that can help eliminate odors in the office, such as the following:

  • Good Sense Air Freshener Spray: Use this spray to neutralize odors.
  • PURELL® Professional Surface Disinfectant: This spray rapidly disinfects surfaces, tackling the source of odors while leaving a citrus scent.
  • PURELL® Professional Surface Disinfecting Wipes: Wipes are another handy option for cleaning up odorous messes and maintaining a clean office environment.
  • Spartan Chemical: clean and disinfect areas. It will keep your surfaces pristine and safe from germs.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a dull and tedious chore. With today’s range of mechanical helpers, janitorial pros can tackle facility maintenance with greater safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. As robotics and other cleaning technology keeps advancing, workers may eventually take on more difficult jobs while machines handle all the repetitive work. Until then, equipping staff with the newest and most efficient cleaning gear helps raise cleaning to the next level.