Independence Day Food Safety Tips for Business Owners

Independence Day Food Safety Tips for Business Owners

As Independence Day approaches, it's essential to prioritize safety while enjoying the festivities. One tradition is indulging in a variety of delicious foods. To ensure that your guests are served safely, it's crucial to consider the importance of proper food packaging and containers. In this blog, we'll highlight several key factors to keep in mind when handling food this holiday.

Food safety

Avoid cross-contamination

With the variety of foods prepared and served on Independence Day, prioritizing food safety is essential. Given the assortment of meats, fruits, vegetables and other items, it's crucial to keep different foods separate. Ensuring that meats do not mix with other foods is important, even beyond allergen considerations.

Use strong, non-toxic containers with tight-fitting lids, plastic film or foil to keep your food secure and safe. One of our manufacturers, Lacerta Group, provides various shapes and sizes of tamper-evident containers that are useful for storing your food this Independence Day.

Lacerta Group offers packaging specifically designed for racks of ribs and other meats. These packages ensure your meat products remain secure until your Independence Day parties and afterward, if you have any leftovers. Make sure not to store your meats with any other type of food, even if the meat is cooked, to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria like Salmonella. This separation is also necessary between raw and cooked meats. Avoiding cross-contamination with meat is extremely important.

Other types of cross-contamination can also be harmful, which is why it's important to keep each type of food in its own container. Lacerta Group offers many sizes and shapes of containers suitable for each of your food items. From potato salad to corn on the cob to cupcakes, you can utilize an assortment of Lacerta Group’s containers to keep you, your guests and your food safe this holiday. These containers range from 4oz to 64oz and are available in large cases, ensuring you have plenty to use for your food.

Temperature control

Many Independence Day foods require Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS). To avoid the "temperature danger zone," keep foods below 41°F or above 135°F. Use a thermometer to check food temperatures, ensuring cold food stays cold and hot food stays hot. If serving hot food, keep it at 145°F or above, and discard any food that falls below this temperature after two hours. Refrigerated foods should be kept between 32°F and 41°F.

When storing foods, it's important to note when you place them in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry so you can monitor their timeline and avoid spoilage. Lacerta Group’s containers are all clear or have clear lids, making it easy to see what's inside and keep track of your food.

By following these food safety tips and using high-quality containers from Lacerta Group, you can ensure that your Independence Day celebrations are both enjoyable and safe. Prioritizing food safety not only protects your guests but also allows everyone to fully enjoy the delicious foods you’ve prepared. Have a happy and safe Independence Day!