Keeping People Healthy, Keeps People Productive

Keeping People Healthy, Keeps People Productive

The foundation of an organization is its employees, so their overall health must be top of mind. That includes their physical, emotional and mental health. Otherwise, it could impact production and cause problems in other areas of your company, such as attendance, morale and more. To be productive, an employee must be healthy, which is why companies need to take things like sanitation and disinfection seriously.

Supporting health and wellness

An excellent place to start is by adopting various solutions to support employee wellness, such as creating health programs or providing volunteer opportunities. These types of de-stressing activities boost engagement and decrease workplace tension. In addition, showing your employees you care establishes a culture of mindfulness in the workplace. Employees who can deal with stress and pressure effectively are proven to be the most productive.

Providing flexibility and peace of mind

Most positions do not require a 40-hour work week. Therefore, since most employees have families to support, flexible work hours are essential for work-life balance. Ensuring a safe and flexible environment in the workforce can bring positivity throughout their hours.

It is also not ideal for employees to come to work sick. It not only infects healthy employees, but it can bring down morale. A survey conducted by FlexJobs reports that 58 percent of participants agreed they would look for another job if they did not have the opportunity to work remotely. As society evolves post-pandemic, business owners will only see this percentage increase. You can provide an easy solution by allowing the opportunity for remote work.

Being proactive with sanitation and safety

When employees come to work, they want to know it is clean. Therefore, having a set cleaning benchmark is crucial. Cleaning routines should be established for each area of your facility. High-touch surfaces, traffic flow and building occupancy are all key factors to consider when conducting these routines and setting a benchmark.

The top areas of cleanliness include hand hygiene, quality cleaning supplies and disinfecting touchpoints. It can be almost impossible to keep high-touch surfaces completely free of bacteria, but regular cleaning and disinfecting will minimize pathogens and the risk of disease outbreaks.

In addition, the entire organization must be sold on the importance of health and wellness. Proper facility cleaning is a big job that requires everyone to be on board. By having ongoing workplace training, you will be able to show how employees can prioritize health and wellness, not just at the workplace but for themselves. Additionally, industry cleaning training programs talk about the types of supplies and programs that can be useful.


While today's organizations have a lot on their plate, it is equally important to focus on the interactions with staff. A person's health can impact many aspects of their work. The good news is that you can get an extremely productive workforce by prioritizing health and wellbeing throughout the organization with additional programs, a change in pace, volunteer opportunities and cleaning protocols. As a result, you are setting your staff up for success, helping them learn cleanliness, safety, relaxation and management techniques for an improved workplace.