Top Five Janitorial Supplies Every Office Needs for Spring Cleaning

Top Five Janitorial Supplies Every Office Needs for Spring Cleaning

As the winter chill melts away and vibrant flowers bloom, it's the perfect time for a little spring cleaning. A fresh and organized workspace is a great way to lift spirits before summer is in full swing. Taking on this annual task requires having the right janitorial supplies. Without the proper tools and products, you'll end up squandering precious time and effort – and may not even attain the glistening results you're after. The M. Conley Company is here to help with the top six janitorial supplies every office needs:

#1 – MicroWipe™ 200 UltraLite Microfiber Cloth - Blue, 16", 10/Pack

Microfiber is great for spring cleaning. The fibers can capture and trap dust and dirt like no other fabric. We recommend investing in a plentiful supply of microfiber cloths for cleaning surfaces like desktops, windowsills and monitors. Wiping down these areas with microfiber helps lift away built-up soil and allergens. A 16-inch microfiber cloth is perfect for easy storage and transportation.

Microfiber mops are also suitable for cleaning floors without leaving behind water streaks or lint. The statically charged fibers attract and lock in dust and hair. When it comes to spring cleaning, microfiber is essential because it delivers a streak and lint-free shine.

#2 – Tornado CK LW 13/1 Roam Cordless Vacuum and ProTeam's GoFit 6 PLUS Backpack Vacuum

When it comes to keeping your office clean during spring cleaning, versatility and convenience are key. That's why the Tornado CK LW 13/1 Roam Cordless Vacuum and ProTeam's GoFit 6 PLUS Backpack Vacuum both offer excellent solutions. The Tornado vacuum's wireless design ensures easy maneuverability without the hassle of cords, allowing anyone to quickly grab it and clean up messes.

On the other hand, the ProTeam backpack vacuum offers mobility and comfort with its close-fitting harness, making it ideal for traveling distances and staying focused on the task at hand. Whether you prefer the convenience of a cordless vacuum or the mobility of a backpack vacuum, these options provide effective cleaning solutions for any office environment.

#3 – Spartan’s BioRenewables® 32oz Glass Cleaner RTU 12/case

Springtime is the ideal opportunity to make those office windows and glass surfaces sparkle. However, you'll require a quality glass cleaner to clean stubborn spots. Make sure to only use a cleaner for glass to get the best results and to keep residue from happening. You may also want to get glass cleaner wipes for convenient cleaning on a smaller scale.

#4 – GOJO 9340-06 Purell Healthcare Surface Disinfecting Wipes 110ct Canister 6/case

With allergies raging during the season change, spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean all those frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, computer keyboards, phones and conference tables. Disinfecting wipes make this crucial task easy and convenient. Look for wipes that eliminate at least 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria to prevent the spread of illness and to get rid of pollen or grass residue.

#5 – Spartan’s ASAP® 32oz RTU All Purpose Cleaner 12/case , or Clean by Peroxy® 32oz RTU Handi Spray® 12/case

Stains are bound to happen in a busy office environment. That's why you'll want an all-purpose cleaner ready to tackle spills and stains on carpets or clothing. Having this powerful cleaner on hand ensures your office will look fresh and clean.

With these five janitorial supplies, achieving your spring-cleaning goals becomes effortless.. While spring cleaning demands dedication, the rewards far outweigh the effort invested. A thorough cleanse revitalizes the workspace, invigorating morale and enhancing productivity across the board. Embrace the spirit of renewal this spring by embarking on a journey toward a spotless, organized setting that ignites creativity and diligence. Access the essential products you need from trusted suppliers like The M. Conley Company.