Elevate Your Space and Increase Functionality

Kimberly Clark Icon Dispensers

Kimberly-Clark released a new collection of bathroom amenities. The ICON collection includes a paper towel dispenser, a bathroom tissue dispenser that is coreless, and a skin care dispenser that has been manufactured to be automatic. All these products will add to the look and feel of your restroom.

The faceplates are customizable and will match the appearance of your bathroom. These are designed specifically for busy restrooms and to help manage heavy traffic. The dispensers function unlike ever before to maximize their use. Kimberly-Clark has created a bathroom set with you in mind to improve your space.

Leaving a lasting impression

The impression your restroom leaves can be a lasting one. People take notice of bathrooms that provide the latest and most efficient amenities. A paper towel dispenser that is efficient and up to date will not be ignored by the public.

Not only do visitors notice cleanliness, as most companies are aware of, but they also look at what is offered. Offering skincare to those who utilize the facilities is a great way to stand out and above the crowd in the world of restrooms, especially from a dispenser where mess is minimalized compared to a bottle pump.

The ICON collection is unique for its interchangeable, customizable faceplates, which allow every user to give the restroom they love a new feel. It can even be changed daily if you wish to take on that vibe. The direct-drive technology allows for long battery life, barely noticeable dispensing, and it even prevents towel jams from the paper towel dispenser. The automatic nature of the entire system stops germ spreading, which is an asset especially during cold and flu season.

The Kimberly-Clark ICON collection is one that you want on your side. It will bring your restroom to a new level and leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits. The cutting-edge technology is advanced like never before and people who enter will remember how futuristic your restroom is to the facility. The design is unbeatable and the impression it will leave has no cost to it.