Stay Updated on Our Health Climate in Ohio - COVID-19 Updates

January 25th Updates - U.S. & Ohio: Our numbers through Sunday. The weekend numbers are now completed. Thank you.

Governor of Ohio

I found this picture and I thought I would share it. The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain (aka: why did we run out of toilet paper?). Those of you that have been following my posts since the beginning of the year, I tried to explain that number one, the toilet paper was not made in China (another one of many crazy, untrue rumors from this year) it is made in the US. Also there was plenty of toilet paper in the supply chain. It was the panic that ensued and the ripple effect of that panic...the Bullwhip Effect. It was not a supply chain problem it was a human panic problem. There is actually a mathematical equation to this effect. I hope this graphic helps.

With many products that are connected to the coronavirus, we are unfortunately under a strict allocation situation with our manufacturers.
We are asking for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.