Tip Tuesday Features Maxim Facility+

Although we are hopeful for an end to this pandemic, we still need to be aware of the Covid-19 protocols in place to protect ourselves and those around us. Whether you are cleaning an office building, a classroom or cruise ship, it is crucial to invest in a product that is as effective as it is convenient. Lucky for you, the Maxim Facility+ encompasses both of those.

The fight against Covid-19

It is important to continue valuing sanitation even as the protocols surrounding the pandemic are becoming less strict. So, while Maxim Facility+ is specifically designed for hospitals, any facility can benefit from it. Maxim Facility+ is good for fighting E Coli, Influenza, Salmonella and more.

The product is easy to use while it actively and effectively fights against Covid-19 and other germs. Maxim Facility+ is perfect for general cleaning and disinfecting, while also taking care of mold and mildew on surfaces.

Safety during use

Maxim Facility+ is a product that needs to be diluted before use. Add two ounces of Maxim Facility+ per gallon of water. Once you add the water, spray the surface down until it is wet in all areas that need to be sanitized. After spraying down surfaces, make sure to read the product label to see the specified time to allow the product to sit. Once it has sat for the allotted period, wipe the surface down, and let it dry.

After going through this process, the surface should be sanitized and ready for use. Although it takes less time to begin killing bacteria, we still recommend the use of safety goggles and gloves for protection.

Due to Maxim Facility+'s hydrogen peroxide base, it is a gentle way to approach sanitation. This product is a prime example of a gentle solution that also protects from the virus.

To learn more about Maxim Facility+, watch our video below: