Tip Tuesday Features Touchless Washroom Solutions

Here we are, still in a pandemic, striving to figure out how to stay safe while resuming our daily routines. Cutting germs wherever we can have always been and will always be top of mind. Bathrooms carry a lot of bacteria, so we are providing Touchless Washroom Solutions to help you to avoid germs and wash your hands with ease.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is prevalent now more than ever. When you wash your hands with soap and water, you are eliminating the germs that have gathered on your hands. And while that is a good thing, it is just not good enough. After you wash your hands with soap and water, you must turn the faucet off. That same faucet is covered in germs. All those germs are then transferred onto your clean hands.

Our goal should be to create an environment that is safe and healthy for everyone. The number of bacteria can drastically decrease with Touchless Washroom Solutions. When we eliminate the elements that cause problems, we can create a cleaner environment.

Less Waste

An advantage of Touchless Washroom Solutions is that they reduce water waste. Due to the automatic nature, when an appliance is not actively in use the water turns off. Often, people leave the sink running more than necessary, or they forget to turn it off.

All Touchless Washroom Solutions, such as toilets and paper towel dispensers, can help with efficiency and cleanliness. A touchless future can improve the spread of germs and reduce the health risk that comes with the collection of bacteria from bathrooms.

Creating an environment where everyone can thrive while feeling healthy and safe is our top priority.