Tip Tuesday Features AutoFlush Solutions

It is no secret that bathrooms are a hot spot for bacteria and germs. Although we cannot fully eliminate these germs, there are ways we can reduce contact by utilizing solutions like the AutoFlush.

Workplace cleanliness

Our AutoFlush Solutions take sanitization to the next level, making it completely hands free. As we mentioned, bathrooms are a hot spot for bacteria, and flush handles are no exception. Flush handles can be covered with as many as 83 different types of bacteria per square inch. It is crazy to think that just one flush handle can be the source of that many bacteria.

We are working to reduce the risk that comes with touching this harmful bacterium and spreading it from one person to another. With a smart design, AutoFlush installs easily and promotes a healthier environment.

Every workplace should strive to create a hospitable and safe environment for both its employees and customers. There is nothing worse than walking into a bathroom and being hit with a strong odor. With the AutoFlush, you can ensure that your toilets will flush and provide fresh water in each fixture.

Saving on resources

Efficiency is increased when AutoFlush is installed within bathrooms. These solutions reduce waste and save on resources because they provide the right amount of water at the right time.

Another advantage is the lifespan of the appliance. Since bathroom flush handles carry a lot of germs, people tend to kick them to flush the toilet. Although that prevents contact with germs, it puts wear and tear on the appliance. AutoFlush toilets usually last longer than regular flush handle toilets because they do not suffer the same amount of wear and tear as normal appliances.

AutoFlush Solutions also eliminate costly repairs that may occur with traditional fixtures. Due to the controlled water flow, you do not have to worry about the operation of the appliance.

Check out our video to learn more about AutoFlush Solutions: