Essential Safety Gear on This Week's Tip Tuesday

Whether it's clear communication, maintenance or safety gear, the environment you create is important to productivity. When employees feel secure and safe, it creates a positive corporate culture. Here at The M. Conley Company, we value safety and have the right products for your facility. In this week's Tip Tuesday, we talk about earbuds, protective eye gear and hard hats.

The Importance of Workplace Safety

Businesses should make safety a top priority to ensure their employees are safe. According to a national survey by The Hartford Financial Services Group "58 percent of blue-collar households have a family member who has been injured on the job." Aside from the moral responsibility to keep workers safe, there are legal and financial consequences when an employee gets hurt.

Companies can experience extreme financial consequences because of workplace injuries. While there are guidelines in place to ensure a safe environment, sometimes they get overlooked and the employer suffers from financial loss.

Furthermore, when employees feel safe, they feel appreciated. This means they will stay with your company longer, thereby increasing your employee retention rate and providing you with less downtime.

How to Practice Workplace Safety

Before you begin creating a safety protocol, it's important to identify the hazards. This is the first step in protecting your employees from falls, chemicals, noise pollution, etc. Once you identify the hazards and create a safety plan, remind employees to follow them. This could include a handbook or visible signs throughout the facility.

To ensure a positive corporate culture, there needs to be open communication around safety. This means that honest communication regarding expectations and concerns should be present.

Holding others accountable is also necessary to ensure safety in the workplace. While you want your employees to be honest in their communication, you likewise want them to follow your safety procedures.

Creating an environment where everyone feels safe and appreciated should always remain a top priority. Investing in earbuds, eye protection and hard hats can help you along the way.